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In response to the request of so many of my clients, I have decided to join the 21st century and attempt a web site.  What follows is a first draft.


It is a daunting project to capture an inventory and ambience that depends so much on quality and nuance.  And most of the items we offer for sale are unique, one of a kind.


A large part of my inventory is composed of ‘pretty pictures,’ and that is where we have begun; illustrations of natural history (botanicals mainly) printed from copper plates and hand colored.  We also represent several fine artists and spectacularly -- one paper sculptor, Mellie Cooper.


We are known for out thoughtful presentation of these images - specifically our frames, their finish and proportion.

Also in inventory we have a special lamp line, hand made shades, antiques decorative furniture, modern and antique accessories - textiles, china, stemware, etc.  We sell the things I would like for my own home - the collection is personal.


We will continue to add inventory in all of these areas to the website.  Please continue to check in - or better yet come visit us in Nantucket or for inquiries call 202-256-2513


6 Coffin St

Nantucket MA




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